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  USNS Mercy







               Admiral Michael Mullen, CNO, comment.........

     "The Navy was learning with each of their missions - that it hadn't been done since
Ace Lyons first introduced the concept with the deployment of the Mercy in the Phillippines." 

Admiral Lyons was instrumental in bringing NGO like Project Hope together
with the Navy in manning the Navy's hospital ships Mercy and Comfort for
humanitarian missions.  

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A New Way To Treat The World

          a wonderful article by Dr. Isadore Rosenfeld

   One Doctor’s Prescription For A Healthier  
U.S. Foreign Policy

   Life in many parts of the world is already a health disaster.  Let’s not wait for a 
   natural disaster to strike before sending help to areas that need it.  Let’s:

  1)  Identify areas of the Third World that are in dire need of basic medical care.

  2)  Expand our security budget to support the deployment of hospital ships such as 
       the Mercy—equipped with the necessary medical supplies and personnel—to areas
       of the world where they are needed.

   3)  Offer military and civilian volunteers, as well as medical school residents and senior
        students, the opportunity to serve on these hospital ships. 

   By filling this prescription, we ensure not only our own safety and well-being but also that of
   people less fortunate than we are. If you agree, let your Congressman or Senators know by         
   visiting or on the Web. —         Dr. Isadore Rosenfeld