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The Fog of War

Thirty-Fifth Anniversary of the Marine Barracks Bombing

Shared Interests but Not Shared Values – Khashoggi Disappearance

What Will It Take To Wake Up America?

Drugs are a Strategic Weapon

Stop Undercutting Our Military Capability

A Regional Strategy To Confront China’s Aggression

Our National Security is Being Compromised  8/14/2018

Freedom of Navigation Doctrine Challenged 7/31/201/

Our Counter-Intelligence System Is Broken 7/23/2018

The DOJ Has Lost All Credibility  7/11/2018

Why Trump must steadfastly support Ukraine's independence  6/26/2018

National Security Demands an Intelligence Assessment on Clinton’s Compromised Server  6/23/2018

U.S.-North Korea Summit  6/8/2018

Countering China’s Blue Water Navy  5/31/2018

Drugs Used as Political Warfare 5/20/2018

Ensuring an Open South China Sea 5/10/2018

Why Is Our Port Security For Sale?  5/02/2018

Anticipating the U.S.-North Korea Summit 4/26/2018

The Need for Accountability 4/22/2018

Biden’s Nepotism and Hypocrisy in Ukraine  4/11/2018

Mohammed bin Salman’s visit to America

The U.S.-Ukrainian strategic partnership

Azerbaijan, a key ally

More cover-up questions

The great strategic deception

How to counter a deliberate Chinese confrontation

US national security: President Trump has a 90-day deadline

The un-American cabal

How to Support the Iranian uprising

Usurping the president’s constitutional authority

The great diversion

A Saudi Arabia awakening

When port security is compromised

The criminalization of America’s government agencies

Trumped by Iran, again

Trump’s Asian reassurance-deterrence tour

Toward an independent Kurdistan

Setting the record straight on the Yemeni civil war

How to force regime change in North Korea

The crux of the Navy’s collisions

Resolving the Qatar crisis

Resetting the foreign policy agenda

Restoring the military’s moral underpinnings

Confronting North Korea by changing the dynamics

Confronting the current Middle East alignment

China’s encroachment into Latin America

Trump’s Middle East doctrine

Mr. President: Don’t Fall into the Trap

China plays the North Korea nuclear card

The great Democratic deception

Redefining the battle against terrorists

Secure Taiwan, secure peace in Asia

Countering North Korea’s nukes

Exposing the undermining of America

A new approach to U.S. Middle East strategy

Restoring America’s leadership and security

China’s boost to North Korean nukes

Defining our vital strategic interests

Pearl Harbor - 75 years on

Reloading US Military credibility

Iran's proxy missile attacks

How Politicizint the Military puts National Security at Risk

ISIS in the Middle East and now here 

How China challenges the West

A miscarriage of justice

What to tell Xi

More than incompetence in Benghazi

Countering Beijing’s South China Sea defiance

‘Don’t give up the ship’

A 'culture of impunity'

The compromising of America

China’s imperialism on the South China Sea

Misrepresenting the Threat of Islam

How Obama transformed the military

An American ‘wall of missiles’ to deter China

The ‘old Iran’ is still at work

Identifying the enemy

Islamic Jihad roots lay in crusades

Countering China's aircraft carriers

Obama's climate change order makes war

Iranian Arrogance

Reforming Islam

Strengthening Taiwan's Defenses

Making Women Front-line Targets

A contrived shoot-down

Obama's distorted strategy

How America should respond to Russia's-Syria venture: A guide:

No moral outrage in the military

Denying Agaent Orange benefits to Vietnam Vets

Saving America

U.S. acquiscence to a bad Iran deal was no mistake


A Litmus Test for the Next President

Checking China’s military build-up in the South China Sea

Free speech opponents enforce Islamic law, challenge our fundamental freedoms

Obama's Appeasement Approach to Foreign Policy


The Greatest Threat to Our National Security


Kabuki Dance with Iran Fueling Mullahs Hegemony in Middle East


America - You Be The Judge

A strategy, but not a pro-U.S. one

Islamic ideology:  Identifying the Enemy

Obama's Paris No-Show

A better way to patrol the Middle East

Cuba, a convenient diversion for Iran

Sino-Russian alliance shatters illusions

Obama's Middle East policies make war

Taking back America


A coherent strategy for the Middle East


Checkmate China


Finally confronting the Islamist threat

The fallout from foreign-policy malfeasance and nonfeasance


Acting against American interests


A Kurdish Opportunity

The agenda an enemy would write


Presidential Appeasement


Unanswered questions for Benghazi special committee to ask

Obama’s foreign-policy ‘flexibility’ seen as weakness

Russian bear eats Obama’s lunch on Ukraine

How the Obama doctrine reveals the president's weakness

How to respond to Russia's thrust into Ukraine

Benghazi was a planned tragedy

The bitter results of Middle East failure

Benghazi demands a Select Committee in Congress

Is it time to create an ‘Asian NATO’?

A new doctrine of disengagement

Paving the way for a nuclear Iran

Putting NSA spying in perspectibe

The Iranian origins of treachery

From sanctions to checkmate

Reaching out with Dishonor

A War to Rescue U.S. Credibility

The National Security Component of Immigration Reform

Transforming America becomes disarming America

The Muslim Brotherhood's long reach

A serious misstep in Syria

Restoring military readiness

America's China mistake,0,7560801.story#tugs_story_display

Dereliction of Duty

A call to courage over Benghazi

The Right Response to North Korea

Are We Being Compromised by Barack Obama's Murky Past?

How to Bring Middle East Peace and Stability

Russia hungers for Ukraine

Obama's Nuclear Zero is Dangerous and Unrealistic

How to Neutralize China's Military Threat

How Obama is Scuttling the Merchant Marine

Obama's Dangerous anti-nuclear obsession

The Islamic cloud over Brennan and Hagel

U.S. faces sequestration while China preapres for war

A hard slog to get Benghazi answers

Solving the Navy's carrier shortage

Where are the carriers?

The Key Benghazi questions still unanswered

Chinese aggression racheting up

Obama needs to come clean on what happened in Benghazi:

New Commander-in-Chief must lead on National Security

Obama's Chain of Comman uravels over Benghazi

Radical Islam inflickts acts of war on us

Regime change in Iran

Russia's shot across the bow

Forcing our all-volunteer force to fail

Regime Change needs to be Endgame for Iran

Bureaucracy rules the waves

Budget crisis drives defense Strategy

How smart is intelligence bureauracy?

Navy's shipbuilding deficiencies

Why we must strike Iran

Forcing our Military's Submission

Year of the Dragon

Countering Iranian threats

Facing Reality about Iran

Lessons Never Learned

A Matter of Honor

 Only one solution to Iran:  Regime change

Budget crisis threatens defense

Enlarging security scope for shariah compliance

Disarmed by Shariah

Directing the winds of change toward Iran

Obama's absence of leadership            

Regime change in Libya

Defense budget reductions

China's Imperialism on full display

Axis of Evil spins closer

Gates goes soft on Iran

Dealing with Tehran 

Countering China's aggression

The high price of Mid-East Peace

Enter the dragon

American Weakness on Display

Cruising for a bruising

America's Options

Game-changing chance

Underestimating China

Halt start negotiations

Russia reset rebounds

 Navigating new naval threats

P.C. undermines our military

Countering Beijings new weapon

National Security Omissions

Making hash of Honduras

Mullahcracy exposed

Why we need better ships

Confront China's duplicity

Better ships, please:

Need to bolster Taiwan defenses

A new challenge at sea

Will Obama revive ICC threat

Naval Shipbuilders Sinking

Middle East Mercy Mission

Ship Shopping List

Gaza Distraction 

Mumbai terrorism

Countering piracy

Testing has begun

The Hoax

Grim anniversary

Putin's misstep

Captain ship of state

China's one world

Taiwan arms freeze  

LNG port security

Anti terrorism strategy

Appease Iran?

When its time to act with honor

Surrender syndrome

China's Stripes unchanged

Due dilligence

Iraq plus 10 years

Putin can't have it both ways

Gulf provocations - what to do?

Iran continues to provoke

Kosovo - train wreck warnings